Search engines reward longer posts in results rankings. 2,000+ words is considered long-form content. Longer content tends to get more social shares.


64% of consumers convert after watching a branded video. Businesses who use video increase revenue 49% faster vs. those who don’t.


42% of Americans consider their smart speakers to be essential, and they are only getting more popular. Smart speakers are becoming a part of consumers daily lives and changing consumers behavior. Your marketing plan should include adapting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to respond to voice search demands.


Recently, Businesses have adopted and embraced the use of chatbots for personalizing and increasing customer engagement. With huge improvements in machine learning and AI Tech, chatbots are becoming more adaptable and likable by consumers. Chatbots can maintain a more standard level of customer service and offer 24/7 client service while retaining important data for later use.

Social Media

Facebook continues to dominate the social media realm, and based on stats it is a desirable platform for consumer engagement. You definitely want to consider Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. According to “We Are Social" - both of these platforms continue to grow consistently. Regardless of who your audience is, it’s almost a guarantee they use some type of social media. Your content marketing plan should leverage these platforms for content distribution.


At the end of the day what consumers want is to really understand your product or service. Consumer trust and Authenticity of a brand play a huge role when consumers decide to move forward with your Business. Every interaction that your Business has should contribute to your overall Brand. Honesty and Authenticity will attract the customers that you really want to work with and can make your content marketing initiatives more successful!

Finally... TEAM X TIME

Remember that it takes a TEAM & TIME to accomplish your Business goals! Build the right team and be a good leader. Everyone has their own area of expertise and as a leader you need to be good at directing people and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Once you have a solid team make sure you guys come up with a plan and strategy on how to get from point A to point B. Be sure to execute as a team everyday and make the necessary changes to achieve goals. Produce and Distribute CONTENT!!! CONTENT!!! CONTENT!!! Effort and Consistency over Intensity!!!

So there you have it! Some more free tips to integrate into your marketing plan and strategy to make sure that you DESTROY 2019!!!

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